Who we are

Replicating these amazing real size creatures giving them life through movement and sound, you will get immersed in their world getting to know them by interacting with them, as if you were thousands of years back on earth to the time where these creatures lived.

The fossil models and paleontological accurate reconstructions in this exhibition will help visitors to get to know the role Paleontology plays in discovering the living beings that once roamed the earth, in specific this exhibition portrays the life and death of the dinosaurs.

We are a Mexican Company leader in the manufacturing and designing of Animatronic Dinosaurs Exhibitions. Our models are manufactured with the latest state-of-the-art technology and high quality materials. Each one of our dinosaurs is made following the accurate scientific knowledge and at the same time it is ready to entertain children as well as adults. For us to talk about Dinosaurs is to transport you to the world where these creatures roamed the earth.


A highly qualified, creative and experienced team of designers, sculptors and engineers complement each other talents and knowledge in creating these animated models. We use the best materials and technology so they can look like real living beings.

We are proud to be known as the best designers of dinosaurs in the market.


· Designing, confection and manufacturing of Animatronic Dinosaurs.
· Ambience, scenery and special effects.
· Research, museography, exhibition assembly, data sheets and information cards.
· Management, development and maintenance of the whole exhibition.


· Animatronic Dinosaurs
· Dinosaur skeletons
· Dinosaurs reproductions (small and big format) · Interactive exhibits
· Interactive displays and informative screens
· High tech robots
· Edutainment show


To recreate the Dinosaurs, the ambience, interactive exhibits, exhibition assembly and information of the whole exhibition we have a team of specialist engineers, artists, museologists, IT professionals, and paleontologists. Each dinosaur is the result of long years of research and creativity. Quality is our goal.


The figures are modeled by artists that achieve recreating each crease, each movement each detail of the specific type of dinosaur.


In 2018 we will install a new dinosaur, new digital sound and movement equipment, which will allow us to give a more realistic effect.

We are building a new species.

Our Dinosaurs can endure almost any climate, so they can be exhibited indoors as well as outdoors.


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