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Brace yourself for a close encounter with one of the most extraordinary creatures to walk the earth with our dinosaur exhibition. Featuring life-size dinosaur replicas with ultra-realistic movement and sounds, this is a high-tech, museum-quality dinosaur exhibition.

Using fossil models and paleontological reconstructions, the exhibition will help visitors identify the role of paleontology, compare and analyze fossil evidence leading to new discoveries about the life and death of dinosaurs, as well as some interactive features that will delight children and adults alike.

We are one of the world’s leading companies in the design and manufacture of Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibitions. Our models are built with materials and equipment of the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology. With each specimen, we seek a balance between academic precision and entertainment. To us, talking about Dinosaurs is about sharing a universe full of incredible knowledge that will open new worlds for everyone.


The expertise, technique, creativity and talent of our designers, sculptors and engineers are all combined to create the best animatronic dinosaurs in the market and deliver incredible learning experiences through realistic, fun and exciting exhibitions.

The creativity and resourcefulness of our Mexican engineers is reflected in the quality of our products, integrating sculpture, texture, skin, and painting into jaw-dropping creatures with real-life effects, equipped for both indoor and outdoor displays.

We are proudly known for designing the best animatronic dinosaurs on the market.

Our services

· Design, manufacture and production of animatronic dinosaurs..
· Ambience setup, scenery and special effects.
· Research, museography and information cards.
· Management, development and maintenance of animatronic exhibitions from start to finish.

Our Products

· Animatronic Dinosaurs
· Dinosaur Skeletons
· Dinosaur Reproductions in small and large formats · Interactive modules
· Screens and interactive displays
· State-of-the-art robot technology
· Edutainment Showcase

Dinosaur Creation

Our highly experienced team of engineers, designers, artists, museologists, communicators, palaeontologists and specialists contribute to the success of every model. The creation of each dinosaur is the result of thorough research and creativity. Quality is the hallmark of all our products.


Each figure is carefully designed and hand-crafted by artists who manage to recreate every single detail for an unforgettable life-like experience.

Designs can be adapted to suit different needs and varieties, turning each piece into a unique creation.

The Animatronic Exhibitions From Mexico

Get the best robotic dinosaur exhibition on the market: the Dinosaurs from Dinosauriosmexico. We now have two editions: the Standard Dinosaur Exhibition contains 15 robots and the Large Dinosaur Exhibition has 20. Our robots have been produced using leading paleontological expertise from established research institutions. All our robots are life size, thus avoiding the problem of different scale specimens in the same exhibition. This makes our product superbly suitable for education – better than anyone else.

Our up to date technology ensures continuous operation with minimum maintenance. The material we use for the dinosaur skin is easy to mend by any skilled technical work force and helps ensure that the robots are in operation full time.

In addition to animatronic models, our exhibitions include fossil casts and paleontological models. Together, they build up an intriguing story of life and death of these magnificent creatures that once walked the earth. The exhibition makes evolution alive for children and adults alike.

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By 2020, all of our new dinosaurs will be equipped with digital sound and motion controls, resulting in ultra-realistic animatronics with life-like effects.

A new species is on its way.

Our dinosaurs can be used in almost any climate, so they can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

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